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Operational rules of bowling
1.    Maximum of 6 players can play on one bowling track.
2. Bowling can be played only in a special bowling footwear, either your own or you can rented in the playroom.
3. It is forbidden to play barefoot in rented bowling footwear. It is possible to purchase socks in the playroom.
4. There are reserved tables for players on each track. Tables for odd tracks are closer to the tracks and tables for even tracks are further.
5. Players can use the balls of the playroom or they can bring their own. Bowling operator does not control the condition of brought balls and does not guarantee their condition after the game.
6. Maximum of 10 balls can be placed on the ball loader. Larger amount of ballls can overload and damage the ball lift.
7. For run-up, the players can use the space up to the line of the throw (the beginning of individual tracks). They can not enter into the tracks.
8. The player must wait with the throw of ball when the bar in front of the bowls is lifted. Early throw causes a defect of the machine and its stopping. In worse case the ball hits the bar and damages it. The player is responsible for the equipment damage.
9. When the players do not receive back 3 balls in a single track, they discontinue the game and must alert the gameroom staff. The pursuit of the game can lead to a serious damage of the bowling equipment.
10. The run-up space in front of the throw–off line is treated with a special detergent and is very slippery. It enables the players to slide before the throw of the ball. Non-experienced players are being advised of the risk of slipping, fall and injury.
11. When the operational rules are violated, the lease of the game can be aborted by the operator without any right for compensation.